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Vulnerability and authenticity are my ride-or-dies,
truth-telling and self care are my heartbeat, and normalizing mental health is a mountain I’m willing to die on.


Basically, I’ve been through a bunch of hard things. I’m an open book, so let’s just dive in — a mental illness and all the stigma that comes with those, traumas like a couple of abusive relationships and sexual assault, and losing my best friend a few years ago. Heavy stuff — I know, but stick with me.

Life is tough, and I’ve got the rap sheet to prove it — but there are also so many ways to heal, and make meaning out of even the most awful things, and even thrive fully with the things we learn in the dark as new superpowers. I believe there’s nothing you can’t come back from, and that we’re all worth the work of healing from even the most terrible kinds of pain.

I used to be a traditional counselor in a school, but we all learned pretty quickly that “traditional” isn’t really for me. Real talk? I encountered a good deal of discrimination for being a counselor who was vocal about her battle with depression. And so, after a few too many requests to keep that under wraps, I left.

So now, I’m a Professional Helper. I mostly write and speak, stay knee-deep in mental health activism, and work with groups and organizations to help normalize that mental illness is not, when given the right blend of love and support, is not a flight risk — and I’m living proof.



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