(Photo credit: Lanterns & Feathers Photography)

(Photo credit: Lanterns & Feathers Photography)

the non-negotiables, y'all:

saying "y'all"
pizza with black olives
motown. rap. jazz. okay, all music.
snapchat lip sync videos
spin class
jurassic park
wednesday night dinner parties
garden & gun magazine
south carolina. 

She celebrates Christmas YEAR-ROUND. And she's not sorry.

She lived in Abingdon, VA her whole life until she uprooted and did her undergraduate work at Wofford College in the great state of South Carolina, where she left her heart when she moved to North Carolina for graduate school. She has an M.A. in Human Development and Psychological Counseling and is working on her Licensed Professional Counselor credential.

She was a Young Life leader in college and has continued to be active in that ministry since then. She decided to go into counseling because she wants to believe in and empower people for a living.

She loves having coffee and long life chats with people, and operates under the premise that we're all doing the best we can. She believes in grace, the importance of our struggles, loving people where they are, and that we can do hard things. And that people have amazing stories if we will only sit and listen. Also in overtipping. Also in forgiveness. And that we are all just figuring out how to make our lives work, and that we'll get there.  

She loves dogs, hate salad and snow, and can't whistle, but she has a lot of other things going for her, like the fact that she's never lost at a grocery store crane machine.



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