Seeking to inspire a vulnerability revolution, Amanda shares her story of overcoming mental illness and mental health recovery in hopes that it will give others the courage and permission to do the same, as well as the offer up the perspective and understanding that is oh so very deeply needed in the war against mental health stigma. If you're interested in having Amanda share with your group, please contact her at helloamandaphillips@gmail.com.


February 20, 2014
James Madison University
College of Nursing

From the audience:

"AMAZING...learned so much about the struggles and successes one can have when dealing
with a mental illness."

"Her bubbly and hilarious personality really brought the presentation to life."

"What I took away from her talk is that having a mental illness does not have to ruin your life.  I loved her enthusiasm and frankness, and that she portrayed the daily of not letting all this this overcome who she is."


October 4, 2013
Wofford College