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Seeking to inspire a vulnerability revolution, Amanda shares her story of overcoming mental illness and mental health recovery in hopes that it will give others the courage and permission to do the same, as well as the offer up the perspective and understanding that is oh so very deeply needed in the war against mental health stigma. If you're interested in having Amanda share with your group, please contact her at


Upcoming Events

19 AUG | Anderson County Schools

| Clemson University
Clemson, SC

Past Events

21 MAY | “Ending the Silence” on behalf of NAMI
Laurens, SC

17 MAY
| Southeastern Symposium on Mental Health
Greenville, SC

15 MAY | Zero Suicide Institute
Columbia, SC

5 FEB | The Power of Personal Story
Commerce Club Greenville

7 JAN | Citizen Scholars Mentor Appreciation Luncheon
Spartanburg, SC

Video + Testimonials



"What I took away is that having a mental illness does not have to ruin your life.  I loved her enthusiasm and frankness, and how she communicated that something so difficult doesn’t mean you have to give up who you are."

"AMAZING...learned so much about not only the real struggles one can have when dealing with a mental illness, but also the successes in overcoming one."

"Her bubbly and hilarious personality really livened up things I’d only read in a textbook."

“I’ll be able to talk to my patients who deal with this so much better now.”

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Dynamic + Engaging Speaking Style

Amanda’s lively personality is guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and entertained! Her humor makes even difficult topics easy to digest, and former audience members have been captivated, wishing to stay and connect long after Q+A and session closings.

Research-Based Delivery

Amanda has done extensive research even after her graduate school tenure; she currently studies positive psychology research out of Yale and UPenn, and stays up to date on current national data in the mental health and trauma fields.

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Stories Rooted in Personal Experience

With a goal to normalize mental health and healing from trauma, Amanda uses anecdotes from her own life blended with research to give examples that the audience can not only connect with, but grow their knowledge and resource base from.

Range of Relevant Topics

Amanda is able to speak on a wide array of topics, from mental health and suicide prevention, to sexual assault, to motivation and brand development — and is able to blend elements from talks together upon request.


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