#skirtresearch and such

Okay fam, I did a thing for you. I never ever ever in a trillion years thought that I would ever have a shop tab on my dang website, but it is actually a million times easier then answering all of your DMs, which we all know I am terrible at, despite the part of my life where my phone is glued to my hand. 

Well, we all know that I am a #skirttrendsetter. Rewind to the time I picked up a top at Anthro, and it took a full 24 hours for one of the managers to inform me that it was NOT A TOP -- it was a skirt. I had wondered about the presence of a zipper at the neckline of my new silk poncho, but I persevered. 

I am as God made me. 

You guys are also really dying over these shoes. You either want them, or want to know why I wear them while on crutches. WELL LET ME TELL YA. These things are called Kork-Ease and they are the most dang comfortable shoes you will ever wear, except for Uggs. I love Uggs. I know a lot of you don't; thank you for sharing. Kork-Ease are a thing I heard of from my friend Kaitlin; she said all the mom bloggers wear them and romp around Manhattan in them all day while they run the world and do all their stroller pushing and Prada-buying. 

You probably want to go to the entire Kork-Ease website, because there are about 17 million kinds and how am I supposed to know what kind of shoes you like the best. These are my faves, but I got them at Norstrom Rack for $30 because sometimes accidents happen. I did find that blue pair for $36! The others are...not $36.


I took a poll on my Insta story and y'all pretty much said the same thing -- that you liked this for the drama. You are my people, as if I had any doubts. SO, I found this sucker on Poshmark for $30, which is sort of a crime. I literally cannot find what it is called, or if they still exist anywhere in the world. The lesson here: troll Poshmark constantly. 

But, I did find y'all some more great skirts from Anthro and ASOS that fit the bill. At Anthro, we call them "Amanda P skirts" which basically means that you will like them if you are extra, like me. 

And that's all! I've got more things for you to look at on that dang "SHOP" tab -- you can find sections for things in my house and things in my gym bag, too. Everything on there is something I own in real life. Sometimes I wonder how I got a job at Anthro -- everything I wore to my interview was from Monkee's and also I am the most awkward person I know. 

Okay! Shoes and skirts. What other things are y'all looking for recommendations on?


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